National contact point of Ukraine, FP "Horizon EUROPE", Priority "Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions»

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23/03/2021 - MSCA under Horizon Europe Information Event. Learn about the main features and changes to under the new Horizon Europe programme Info on seminar:

About our NCP

On the basis of the Center of Intellectual property Researches and Technology transfer there is established and actively working the National Contact Point of the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020" and “Horizon EUROPE”: "Marie Skladowska-Curie Actions”, which provides consultations on participation in the Framework Program, provides information on European research projects.
The main tasks of the NCP include:

  • informing and raising the level of awareness on the mentioned thematic priorities of the FP;
  • advising and training on a range of issues related to participation in the FP;
  • identifying necessary info and guidelines for other national or European advisory services, and
  • providing feedback to the National Coordinator and, if necessary, the relevant national authorities, as well as – to the European Commission;
  • Cooperation with the NCP networks in other countries, operating in the same area of ​​the FP.    

The NCP on the basis of the Center is operating in close cooperation and joint coordination with the network of the NCPs of the Horizon 2020 & Horizon EUROPE, the National Information Center for Cooperation with the EU in Science and Technology and the regional contact points. The head of the NCP is Shahbazyan Karina (e-mail:

About our NCP